Visit our new private poker room dealing Texas Hold ‘Em every day of the week, we’re a sure bet! Check out our promotions and exciting "Texas Hold ‘Em" Tournaments!

Bad Beat Jackpots

Aces full of Kings or better must be beat, and both cards in player's hand must play. Check our Facebook Page for daily updates on our bad beat jackpots and other promotions.

Monday 12 noon - Tuesday 5am
Tuesday 12 noon - Wednesday 5am
Wednesday 12 noon - Thursday 5am
Thursday 12 noon - Friday 5am

Friday 12 noon - Saturday 5am
Saturday 10am - Sunday 5am
Sunday 10am - Monday 5am


Limit Texas Hold 'Em

Limit Texas Hold 'Em
  • 3/6 ($30 minimum buy-in)
  • 3/6/12 ($30 minimum buy-in)*
  • 4/8 ($40 minimum buy-in)*
  • 5/10 ($50 minimum buy-in)*
  • 10/20 ($100 minimum buy-in)*
  • 15/30 ($150 minimum buy-in)*
Pot Limit Texas Hold ‘Em 1/2 ($100 minimum buy-in)

*By request

No Limit Texas Hold 'Em

No Limit Texas Hold 'Em
  • 1/2 ($100 Minimum buy-in/$300 maximum buy-in)
  • 2/5 ($200 minimum buy-in/$500 maximum buy-in)*
  • 5/10 ($500 minimum buy-in/$1,000 maximum buy-in)*

*Weekend Games only

For more information and details please call 1-888-25-LUCKY ext. 4545 or the Direct Poker Line at (830) 752-4545. Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino reserves the right to modify or cancel any promotion or tournament at any time.